Naroditsky Wins Third Titled Arena


GM Daniel Naroditsky won his third Titled Arena on Saturday by a comfortable 21 point margin. Second place was GM Sergei Zhigalko, and Third was IM Thomas Beerdsen. The games were quite close among the top trio. Naroditsky scored 2/4 vs. Zhigalko and 2/3 versus Beerdsen, but performed much better against the lower end of the table. After the event, Naroditsky graciously donated $250 of his prize to be used for the prize money of the next Bullet Titled Arena.

As always, streamers flocked to the event with streams from IM Eric Rosen, GM Nihal Sarin, NM ChessNetwork and even one from Lichess itself hosted by IM Alex Astaneh.

Enjoy the puzzle pack from this event:

The Next Titled Arena is on June 5th and will be played using Chess960.