Announcing the Katara International Bullet Tournament with World Champion Magnus Carlsen


Bullet Chess with the best in the world.

The Qatari Chess Association and Lichess are proud to announce the Katara International Bullet Tournament featuring World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Fresh off winning the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, Carlsen will try to keep the momentum going on Lichess in an event with a $10,000 prize fund.

The event will start with 3 qualifiers on August the 24th. The qualifiers have been spread out to allow people in different time zones to comfortably participate. Players must register to be allowed to play here.

Qualifier #1 at 3:00 EST/ 7:00 UTC

Qualifier #2 at 9:00 EST/13:00 UTC

Qualifier #3 at 15:00 EST/ 19:00 UTC

Players are allowed to compete in any and all of the qualifiers. The top 5 finishers in each Qualifier will then advance to the knockout portion. Magnus will be seeded directly into the 16-player Knockout, which begins August 26th at 11:00EST/15:00UTC. In the knockout, the players will play a 12 game match to decide who advances, in the event of a tie the players will continue playing and the next decisive game will decide the match.

All qualifiers and the final will be streamed live at with commentary provided by WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni and IM Alex Astaneh Lopez.