A New Streamer Team Battle Champion

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Andrew Tang's fan club overthrows the reigning champions Crestbook!

In this fourth edition of the Streamer Team Battle, we saw a few new challengers and a few familiar teams battle it out in the 7,000+ player event. It was hard fought and to start with it seemed that Crestbook would run away with their third victory in a row. But it was not to be! Both Fiona's Fight Club and Andrew Tang's fan club traded podium places throughout the second half of the event, with the latter taking first place in the end by just 17 points!

Thanks to all the streamers leading their teams onto the battlefield, and to all the players! Please join us in congratulating the teams participating in this event.

The final standings were:

1st: GM penguingim1 fan club with GM Andrew Tang (@penguingim1)
2nd: Fiona's Fight Club with WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni (@Fiona)
3rd: Crestbook Chess Club with GM Sergey Shipov (@Crest64)
4th: Zhigalko_Sergei fan club with GM Sergei Zhigalko (@Zhigalko_Sergei)
5th: agadmator's Team with Antonio Radić (@agadmator)
6th: IM Eric Rosen Fan Club with IM Eric Rosen (@EricRosen)
7th: Satranç TV Youtube with Cem Gündoğan (@SatrancTV_Youtube)
8th: The Arab Team with multiple streamers representing
9th: ChessNetwork with NM @Chess-Network
10th: Saint Louis Chess Club with NM Caleb Denby (on @SaintLouisChessClub)

Please post the streams in the forum comments!

A further congratulations of course to all the individual players, making up some impressively strong teams. You can see the full individual standings on the tournament page. We hope to organise another similar event soon, stay tuned to our standard communication channels.