2nd Crazyhouse World Championship


2nd Crazyhouse World Championship

The FischyVishy Crazyhouse World Championship (CWC) is back! After the success of last year's tournament, which saw 64 participants competing for their chance at the crown, it's now time to continue keeping this variant fever alive!

The incumbent crazyhouse world champion is JannLee. A 64- or 128-player knockout will be played to determine 8 Candidates who will then play a round robin Candidates tournament. In the Candidates tournament, the 8 participants will be joined by TwelveTeen, the challenger to last year's crown. Finally, the best-scoring candidate from the Candidates tournament will play a match against JannLee.

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Here's what you need to know about this tournament:

Time Control: 3 + 2 for the whole event.


Format: The championship will start out as a knockout, but when 8 players are left, they will play a round robin Candidates tournament! The first place finisher of that tournament will play a WC match against the incumbent WC (1st CWC WC, JannLee), and the next year, the WC will play one candidate from the 9-player Candidates tournament (8 from knockout + challenger to last year's crown).

Prize Pool: $1,000

Prize Fund Distribution: $300 first place, $200 second place, $50 for each of the 8 candidates, $100 Prediction tournament / Fantasy league ($50 first, $30 2nd, $20 3rd)

Start Date: February 15

Sign-ups: February 1 - February 14