The Mobile App is ready!

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Get official mobile app for Android now!

[EDIT] iOS version is out!

The mobile development team has been working hard, and we think you'll agree that the result is worth it.

Ladies and gents, get your Android device ready, for we are very proud to announce:

Lichess official mobile app version 1.0

Play with all users

The app connects to lichess's main server, just like the website does. It means you can use your normal lichess account, play rated games, and even continue correspondence games on mobile that you started on the website!

Games you create from the app are also visible on the website, so you'll never be short of opponents.

A great playing experience

The app features premoves, in-game replay, destination highlights, lag compensation, and everything that makes lichess experience awesome on desktop. You'll be on par with the website users, for sure!

Real-time chats, draw offers and takeback negotiations are also supported, because as a wise person once said, "Chess is a game of courtesy".

Chess variants on the go

All lichess variants are available, which makes this app the first one to support real time Chess960, King of the Hill, Threecheck, Antichess, and Atomic Chess.

Save on the battery

When playing the Artificial Intelligence on mobile, the moves are played by lichess server. It's good because chess engines use a lot of CPU, so having lichess do the hard work saves you battery time.

Also it ensures predictable, stable move quality, because it does not depend on your device's performance.

Play offline with a friend

Are you stuck in a bus, or challenged by someone at the pub? No problem, just fire up the lichess mobile app and start an offline "Over The Board" game. In this mode, both players use the same device. It's arguably easier than lugging around a chessboard in a backpack.

True to lichess philosophy

Lichess mobile is developed and translated to 80 languages by volunteers. Just like the website, it's 100% free forever, and there will never be advertisements. This is humanist software, made open source for the love of chess and user freedom.

Go get it!

Less reading and more playing! Grab the lichess app on the Android app store.

Note that this is the first version. We're already working on adding more features, such as puzzle trainer and analysis board.

What about iOS? It's in the making. We expect it to land next month, so look out for it!