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i love to play and learn chess. my favourite openings is ruy lopez and e4-e5 with black. and king indian againts d4. my favourite players is : boby fischer-mikhael tal- alkhein- capabelanca- and hikaru nakamura.

tehran, Iran

Member since 03-Nov-2016


Time spent playing: 10 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes

1 draw
Played 1 Chess960 game

1 loss
Played 1 Chess960 game

3 wins
Solved 3 tactical puzzles215631

1 win2 losses
Solved 3 tactical puzzles212523

3 wins2 losses
Solved 5 tactical puzzles21488

3 wins6 losses
Solved 9 tactical puzzles215632

2 wins1 draw
Played 3 Chess960 games172440
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