#30: And Then There Were None

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Lichess version

Ten Lichess users chatting online;
One bot was discovered and then there were Nine.

Nine Lichess users learning checkmate;
One was a pacifist and then there were Eight.

Eight Lichess users felt like winning was heaven;
One couldn’t handle losing and then there were Seven.

Seven Lichess users learnt cheap opening tricks;
One couldn’t be weaned off them and then there were Six.

Six Lichess users streamed their games live;
One had 100% accuracy and then there were Five.

Five Lichess users heard that chess is a draw;
One preferred Go and then there were Four.

Four Lichess users going on a tactics spree;
One hated calculating and then there were Three.

Three Lichess users’ passion for chess grew;
One got burned out and then there were Two.

Two Lichess users thought endgames were fun;
One never made it there and then there was One.

One Lichess user left all alone;
They deleted their account and then there were None.

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