Chess board showing Colle versus O'Hanlon with a bishop sacrifice


Why do I not get any tactics in my chess games ?

Thoughts on this recurring question

This question is coming back time after time. For myself I find it difficult to understand as I have no shortage of tactics in my own chess games.
I think it would be great to be able to do some survey on this with those who have or had this question.
In fact, I think that it could even be interesting to have some semi scientific research on this.

Let me do some guessing to find an answer on this question in the blog title :

  • You play "on safe" too much, taking no risks, trading too many pieces
  • You play too fast to see the good moves
  • You have developed a mechanical way of thinking and only see superficial chess moves
  • You do not calculate far enough to spot an upcoming tactic
  • You do not analyse your own games properly and even though there were tactics, you think there were none.

Please share your thoughts in the discussion below. Thank you.