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Oladipupo Adeniyi Ademosu

Chess Enthusiast and Club player. Rapids and Chess Variants account. Follow my other accounts @Lord_Keyzz and @DKeyzz. Study your openings well before you challenge me! 😎

Lagos, Nigeria

Member since 08-Jan-2019


Game completion rate: 97%

Time spent playing: 1 day, 12 hours and 51 minutes

Time on TV: 4 minutes

10 wins3 draws13 losses
Played 26 Bullet games19301

14 wins1 draw16 losses
Played 31 Bullet games192926
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #6 (top 9%) with 52 games in WFM GuitarGirl Thanksgiving Arena

50 wins11 draws43 losses
Played 104 Bullet games190392
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #6 (top 13%) with 26 games in Chess World Arena
Ranked #60 (top 54%) with 10 games in Hourly Bullet Arena

30 wins5 draws31 losses
Played 66 Blitz games190125
19 wins2 draws33 losses
Played 54 Bullet games181195
Competed in 2 tournaments
Ranked #88 (top 15%) with 13 games in Eastern SuperBlitz Arena
Ranked #9 (top 69%) with 12 games in UNILAG Speedsters Arena

7 wins11 losses
Played 18 Bullet games
4 wins2 losses
Played 6 Blitz games

29 wins1 draw35 losses
Played 65 Bullet games19069
10 wins6 losses
Played 16 Blitz games

34 wins5 draws26 losses
Played 65 Bullet games18973
10 wins11 losses
Played 21 UltraBullet games151013
2 wins14 losses
Played 16 Atomic games128170
1 win2 losses
Played 3 Blitz games192612
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #49 (top 77%) with 11 games in Daily Atomic Arena