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Member since 07-Sep-2015


Time spent playing: 1 day, 11 hours and 25 minutes

Time on TV: 9 hours and 28 minutes

41 wins18 losses
Played 59 Atomic games192030
Gained 2 new followers
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #22 (top 40%) with 10 games in Lengyel Arena

72 wins3 draws14 losses
Played 89 Atomic games195052

58 wins1 draw11 losses
Played 70 Atomic games200236

61 wins3 draws22 losses
Played 86 Atomic games196616
Gained 2 new followers

37 wins1 draw8 losses
Played 46 Atomic games19829
Gained 1 new follower

18 wins2 draws7 losses
Played 27 Atomic games197323

45 wins4 draws36 losses
Played 85 Atomic games195025
Gained 1 new follower
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #10 (top 28%) with 10 games in Atomic Arena