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Marion Dalio

Люблю Париж,люблю шахматы и умные задачи, я девочка, играю по мере возможности, папа гроссмейстер. всем приветI love Paris, I love chess and smart problems, I'm a girl, I play as far as possible, my father is a grandmaster. Hi, everybodyमैं पेरिस से प्यार है, मैं शतरंज से प्यार है और स्मार्ट समस्याओं, मैं एक लड़की हूँ, मैं खेलने के रूप में दूर संभव के रूप में, मेरे पिता एक ग्रैंडमास्टर. हाय, सब लो…

5 wins2 losses
Played 7 Bullet games157618

6 wins4 losses
Played 10 Bullet games155820

6 wins1 draw11 losses
Played 18 Bullet games153860

70 wins4 draws63 losses
Played 137 Bullet games159883
1 win1 loss
Played 2 UltraBullet games

1 win5 losses
Solved 6 tactical puzzles198868
111 wins4 draws113 losses
Played 228 Bullet games151539

139 wins10 draws144 losses
Played 293 Bullet games155472

156 wins7 draws144 losses
Played 307 Bullet games162681