Blogs just got added, my favourite chess game of all time

A first blog post!

Blog posts on Lichess!

For a while now, blog posts have been the one big feature that I was missing on Lichess. So naturally, waking up today and seeing that they suddenly were implemented has been a very welcome surprise. From what I've seen so far, some things are still missing - especially the possibility for readers to comment on a blog post, which I think is really essential. Also, having some dedicated way to browse through others' blogs would be nice as so far the only way seems to be to look at some people's profiles and see if they maybe happened to write something interesting. This is Lichess that we're talking about though, so I definitely have some good hope that those things (and who knows what else) will be added later on.
Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about this new feature and wanted to give it a go right away! This is going to be a short post mainly for me to figure out how things work (and to give you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing game by 7th world champion Tigran Petrosian). But expect some more involved stuff from me in the near future: I have a bunch of topics I want to write about already😄

Boris Spassky - Tigran Petrosian (1966 WCh, Game 7)


Horsey wishes all of you a delightful day ^^