Antichess BWC 2024 Rules

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Rules for the Antichess Bullet World Championship 2024


The prizes (awards) in the tournament are:
1st Place - $125
2nd Place - $75
3rd Place - $25

Sponsored by @bwmtone, whom we thank.


Here is the ".zip" version of the rules:

  • The time control is 0+2.
  • Each match consists of 20 games, all of which have to be played.
  • People cannot mutually agree to draws (unlike LAWC).
  • Format is Round-Robin+Candidates.
  • Qualifier round for lowest seeds.

Full rules:


The tournament will be played on lichess. The names of the tournament directors will be posted soon.
In case of disputes between participants, the TDs should be contacted, who will make the final call. Failure in complying to the rules can lead to a match forfeit or tournament disqualification, at TDs' discretion.

The tournament will not occur if number of registered participants is less than 32.

Player Eligibility

Each participant must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible to play:

  • Must have played atleast 1000 Antichess rated games before registering.
  • Account must be created before 1st January 2024, 00:00 UTC.
  • Player must not have a cheat detected game (on the registering account, or a previous one) after 1st January 2023.
  • Player must not have two cheat detected games (on the registering account, or a previous one).
  • Player must not be marked by lichess for rating manipulation or use of external assistance on an account or must not have an account closed by lichess moderators after 1st January 2023.
  • Player must not register with multiple accounts.
  • BOT accounts cannot play.

Accounts which do not satisfy these requirements will not be taken for registration.


The players will be seeded according to the average of their highest and current rating on a certain date.
The 10 candidates of last year (those who played their matches) will be seeded as the top 10 seeds in the order of their finish last year, if they participate on their accounts which participated last year.


After the seeded list of participants is made, the lowest few (rounding off to nearest power of 2) will play the "Qualifier round", in order to make the number of participants a power of 2. Those who get eliminated in the Qualifier round may be called later to replace players who withdraw. Last year's candidates skip the qualifier no matter what. If a situation comes where in order to make number of participants a power of 2, some last year candidates would have to participate in the qualifier, the number of participants shall be made 16+the power of two before the number of entries accepted.
(For example, if 70 participants register, the lowest 12 seeds will play the qualifier to make the number of participants 64. If 62 participants register, with the first 6 being last year's candidates, the number of participants in the main round becomes 48, and the lowest 28 seeds play the qualifier.)

Once the Qualifier is over, the players will be divided into 8 groups. The groups will be divided in such a way that the sum of seeds of each group equals approximately the same number.
The highest finisher in each group gets guaranteed qualification into the candidates. The second seed will play an "Eliminator" against a second seed of another group for qualification into the candidates.
Eliminator will be (between 2nd seeds of following groups):
A vs H, B vs G, C vs F, D vs E.

The format of the candidates and onwards will be similar to ACWC and LAWC, except for the number of games per match.

  • Number of games per match in the playoff=20
  • Number of games per match in Candidates=24.
  • Number of games per match in Semi-Finals=24.
  • Number of games per match in Finals and 3rd Place playoff=30.


The tiebreaks in the Qualifier and the playoff are:

  1. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 10-10)
  2. 2 games of 1+0. (If score reaches 11-11)
  3. Armageddon game.

The tiebreaks in the Round-Robin stage are:

  1. Score Difference
  2. Overall Game Score
  3. Match Wins
  4. Mutual Score

The tiebreaks in Candidates are:

  1. Mutual Match Score
  2. Mutual Game Score
  3. Overall Game Score
  4. Result in BWC 2023 if applicable

The tiebreaks in the Semi-Final are:

  1. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 12-12)
  2. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 13-13)
  3. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 14-14)
  4. 2 games of 1+0. (If score reaches 15-15)
  5. Armageddon game. (If score reaches 16-16).

The tiebreaks in the Final are:

  1. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 15-15)
  2. 2 games of 0+2. (If score reaches 16-16)
  3. 2 games of 1+0. (If score reaches 17-17)
  4. Armageddon game. (If score reaches 18-18)

Armageddon Rules

  • Black gets 30 seconds on the clock, with draw odds (If a draw happens, Black is considered winner of the match).
  • Both players make a time offer for White by privately sending a message to a TD, or a trusted 3rd party if none of the TD's are available. The third party has to be mutually agreed upon by both players.
  • There is an increment of 1 second.


Registrations open on 22nd May 2024, and go on till 22nd June 2024. The dates for the Qualifier will be posted shortly after end of registrations.

The main round (Round-Robin stage) will start on 30th June 2024 at 17 UTC.

There will be a one-week break between the Qualifier Round and Main Round, Main Round and Candidates, Candidates and Semi-Finals. This is subject to change in case of start of ACWC 2024.

All matches for a week must be completed by 17 UTC on Sunday.

Match Negotiations

  • Each player is responsible to offer at least 3 separate times for the match, by Friday 23:59 UTC at the latest, unless an offer has been accepted before that number is reached.
  • Players may begin negotiating a playing start time as soon as their next pairing is known. When a time is agreed on, it must be shared in the pairings forum post.
  • To prevent (most) time zone confusion, players must communicate their times in UTC.
  • A player must be able to accept new messages while they are still included in pairings.
  • The 3 offered times should be no closer than 3 hours to each other and no more than 2 on a single date.
  • If 3 offers are not made in time the player at fault must accept a time chosen by the opponent.
  • If both players fail to make 3 offers by the deadline then the match will count as a draw and both players will count as having forfeited a game.
  • A player should respond to an offer by accepting or making a different offer, preferably within 24 hours.
  • If both players make 3 offers but no agreement is made before the weekend then TDs will determine if fault lies with a particular player.
  • If a player is at fault then their opponent will decide the match time, if no player is at fault then the match will be ruled as a "forfeit draw".
  • Players are not allowed to agree to draws on their own (like they do in LAWC). If the TDs rule the match as a "forfeit draw", the match is scored as 0-0 and this counts as one of the two allowed forfeits for each player.
  • Case-by-case exceptions may be made to the aforementioned rules at the TD's discretion.

Match Rules

  • Each player has a right to call a break of maximum 10 minutes between two games in a match.
  • Once a game finishes (except the 20th game), the rematch should be offered and accepted immediately, unless a player requests a break.
  • If a player is offline at the time of the match, they have a 10-minute grace period to come online and start the game. The appearing player has to message the TDs that their opponent did not show up and again 10 minutes afterwards if the opponent still didn’t show up. The appearing player has the choice to reschedule or claim a win. If the appearing playing does not claim a win and rescheduling fails, the match will be forfeited in favor of the appearing player.
  • If the appearing player's opponent shows up more than 5 minutes late for the match, the appearing player's opponent loses the right to call their break during the match.
  • If a player leaves during the match, they get a 10-minute period to come back and this counts as their break. If they have already called the break before, or showed up more than 5 minutes late for the match, they forfeit the round.
  • Two forfeits lead to disqualification.
  • After a match, the winning player is responsible for posting the results in the Pairings forum post unless the players have agreed otherwise, or a player is chat banned.
  • Failure to post the result on the forum, or messaging the TD in time can result in the match being scored as 0-0 and a "forfeit draw".

Reporting Cheats

Accusations of cheating must be made privately to TDs only. Accusing a player of cheating publicly will lead to immediate disqualification, regardless of whether the accusation was correct or not.
If an accused player is found guilty, they are disqualified from the tournament.

Adjustments on Disqualification

  • If a player gets disqualified in the Qualifier round, their opponent gets the win.
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Main round, they are replaced by one of the players who didn't make it past the Qualifier. If the disqualified player participated in the Qualifier, the person they beat is given priority to become the replacement. The same conditions apply if the player gets disqualified in the playoff between 2nd placed players of each group.
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Candidates, and had qualified to the candidates as the group topper, the replacement for the player is:
    1. The second placed player in the group, if the player has not qualified via playoff round.
    2. The winner between an "emergency playoff" between the 3rd placed player in the group, and the person the 2nd placed player of the group beat in the playoff round (If the 2nd placed player of the group qualified via playoff).
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Candidates, and had qualified via playoff round, the person they beat in the playoff round becomes the replacement.
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Semi-Finals, and finished 1st in their Candidates group, the semi-finals are replayed and the 2nd and 3rd placed players from that group are considered to be the 1st and second finishers of that group respectively.
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Semi-Finals, and finished 2nd in their Candidates group, the player is replaced by the person finishing 3rd in the Candidates group.
  • If a player gets disqualified in the Finals/3rd place playoff, the Semi-Finals are replayed according to the above two points.
Note that similar rules apply if a player withdraws.

Registration and Relevant Links