Making A Lichess BOT

Chess bot
Here, in this Blog, I will show you how to make a lichess BOT.

A lichess BOT is something that has the help of an engine deepmind to play.
The steps to make a BOT:-
1. Download the official lichess BOT server from here --
2. Download the engine. (I prefer stockfish!) -- https://stockfishchess\.org
3. Download notepad++(if you haven't already) -- https://notepad\-plus\-plus\.org
After downloading put the stockfish.exe file in the engines folder of Shail Chokshi.

Now edit the config.yml.default file with notepad++. Register a new account in and make an api token.Write the api token code in the first line of the .yml file. After your editing, save the file as config.yml.
Now open cmd, and paste this here:- (Before that, paste the path of your engine folder). Also install python

python --version
python –m pip install virtualenv
python –m pip install --upgrade pip
virtualenv .\.venv
-p python.\.venv\Scripts\activatepip install –r requirements.txtpython –u