Atomar World Cup Recap Part 3: Not forfeiting is important!!

Chess variant
There were so many forfeits during the last week. Do you wonder who remains in the championship?

My previous post is here. The current bracket is here. (It will update soon)
There are many interesting matches played, but most matches are still very one-sided. This will hopefully change in the next week.

VO drama

VO forfeited his match because Stephenhello didn't show up, VO wants to reschedule but Chronatog insisted that VO should advance, VO didn't like that so withdrew from AWC and AtomarWC. If I were him, I'd take the win, obviously. It's your opponent's fault if they don't show up on time, claiming a forfeit win is logical. Why are they privileged to let you wait for 15 minutes?

Winner's Round 3

fast-tsunami 4-6 luka3916

By far the closest match. My first incorrect prediction (my predictions are almost all wrong).
Game 1 They played the French opening. Black (luka) went for the two knights, black developed pieces and white pushed all the pawns to counterattack. After the center was opened, black found a nice tactic to win material and white resigned.
Game 2 Again a French defence. Black allowed Qxb7 and went for an attack, white king was forced to the side of the board but white still had a theoretical material advantage. In a rook+knight vs queen endgame, white's pieces worked well together to actually force a checkmate!
Game 3 They went for Nf3 Nc6, white simply won a piece in the opening trades, and is simply up a piece in the endgame. White took all black's pawns as well. Black resigned.
Game 4 Same opening as game 2, black played for the attack. But in atomar it's generally not recommended to play for an attack since it rarely works. However, white messed up (probably castling was not a good move) and black took the chance to regain the material. Black, a piece up for a pawn in the endgame, probably only had a draw. But black gave up the piece too early, and in a theoretically drawn 2 connected pawns vs king endgame, white scammed black by a zugzwang. (Drawing technique: say white pawns are on the g5 and h5. White king is one move away from g7: play Kg7 when you can; otherwise Kg8/h8/f7, whichever is available. Never play Kh7. White king on g7: play Kh7.)
Game 5 Nc3 e6 opening, white chose not to go for a big trade (White will be up a queen for two pieces) and played g3. Then they made equal trades, and in an equal rook and bishop endgame, black lost a pawn due to a bishop capture and was down a pawn for nothing. White converted. There are no stalemates.
Game 6 French again but this time white didn't allow black rook to take on f2. White's king was fairly safe and was up material. White didn't need to push the passed a-pawn to prove the advantage -- as the rook and knight with the passed f-pawn forced a checkmate. Another checkmate found by luka.
Game 7 Fastie tried the "reverse" strategy and used luka's e4. Luka went for the Scandi and they traded some pieces, after white castled, white was able to safely capture the black bishop with a pawn. This small advantage actually led to black's collapse because black queen somehow got trapped by rook and bishop. White was up a queen in the endgame and black resigned.
Game 8 Fastie used luka's Scandi. They played a very interesting trading line where I could lose as both colours. After several trades, They went into an equal material endgame where white's bishop was a little passive. White managed to trade the bishop for the knight and in an equal-ish endgame, black allowed white to push the pawn down the board and cut off the king, resulting into an easy white win.
Game 9 Luka used d4 and fastie went for the two knights. But pins are extremely dangerous in atomar, it's obvious in two knights openings. White managed to get the knight in and won material, meanwhile black's counterplay was non-existent soon after, not to mention black gave a free bishop. White eventually settled for an endgame four pawns up and mated black.
Game 10 Another Scandinavian but white played e5. This must be inaccurate as it's just a pawn down for white after the opening trade. Black pushed the queenside pawns down the board and white had to block the pawns. Black, however allowed white to be up material, which is always dangerous. white had to give up the rook for a pawn but the white bishop nicely blocked off black attacks, White eventually won the dangerous black pawns and played for a draw (draw = win for luka). Black had to play for a win (in other words, for a loss, but he had no choice). Black allowed white to queen and hung mate in one, and luka completed the upset. This was the most exciting atomar match -- at least at the time it was played.

LearningVariants 6-2 Iubar

LearningVariants is really improving a lot. He's probably one of the strongest players now.
Game 1 e3 Qh5 -- Ijh thinks this is losing. White played this anyway. After some minor trades (black sacrificed a knight), white got the bishop in and won an exchange. Black got the exchange back but got the passed pawn captured. White was just up a piece for nothing and converted -- barely. Black captured all white's pawns and white had to mate with BNN vs king -- in a time scamble, is that even possible? It's possible if black walked into check!
Game 2 Center block. I like center block but it's easy to get scammed. Here, black allowed a bishop invasion, but at least black lost no material. White didn't have enough attack to force a material win, and got scammed by a king capture. Then black traded for an easy win.
Game 3 e3 Qh5 again? This time they traded queens. This game looks a lot more like chess as black pushed on the queenside and white on the kingside. Black, unfamiliar with atomar rules, gave away a bishop for free and white converted -- white allowed a black queen but checkmated black.
Game 4 d4 g5 e4 h5 -- LV is good at strange openings. Again, they traded many pieces, white went for an attack, this time the knight invasion did win material. With a piece up, white converted the position -- no, black just resigned. It's still unclear if white could convert this had they played on.
Game 5 e3 Nf6, white went for an early attack and just lost a pawn. (It's fine, a pawn is not a winning advantage.) White's queen and knight got active and was able to win back the pawn via a knight invasion. In a pawn endgame, black's king position was inferior, white stopped black pawns but black couldn't stop white's pawns, white did the Queen vs Pawn mate, which I only learned last week when writing those blogs.
Game 6 e4 h5? Weird opening again. White sacrificed a knight for a bishop pin again but these almost never work in atomar. Black successfully created threats himself and won material. White didn't want to trade queens with black to move, and got mated by bishop instead.
Game 7 White went for the Nf3 e5 Ng4 opening and won a piece for a pawn. However, white didn't defend correctly against the Nc6 threats and lost a piece back. In a drawish endgame down a pawn, white got flagged.
Game 8 French opening. White's center and black's Nh6 (normally not good in atomar) allowed white to win a pawn. Black sacrificed a piece for a possible perpetual (a draw wins the match), and then forced a queen trade into an endgame. White was simply a bishop up, but in a time scramble, white walked into check and the match went to LV.

Rightline3127 2.5-5.5 Crepuscular

I started well but fell apart. RL special to get tilted. I don't want to say too much about my terrible games.
Game 1 Symmetric opening, we traded pieces, I lost a piece but won it back by pushing pawns, and we drew by trading all material on the board (Maybe Crep could have won at some point)
Game 2 Center block, I allowed an annoying black pawn on d3. Black sacrificed a knight and won back a rook but the material situation was still fairly even. In an unclear position, I flagged. It's not so easy to see whether I'm low on time on cv.t and this cost me a game vs TKOS too. cv.t bad!
Game 3 Center block, I allowed Qc1+ and lost a whole lot of material. After a surprising turn of events, I, down 2 pawns, a knight and a rook, managed to pull off a scam to win all white's material and secured a draw.
Game 4 I played the classical Nc3 and lost a piece. We traded pieces and pawns into an endgame where black was up a piece. However, I pushed my pawns and won the piece back, scammed the advanced pawn and went from losing to winning, eventually queened and won.
Game 5 Another center block, white pushed through on the queenside and I defended and traded into a rook endgame, but white king was far more active. In a time scramble, the result is always bad for me, I got flagged again.
Game 6 In the opening, I pushed d4 too early to allow the knight invasion and lost my queen (should have taken that knight and played ke2) Then I was down a queen. I didn't resign but then I hung mate in 1, so worse than resigning.
Game 7 Similar center block opening. I sacrificed a piece for counterplay but my active king didn't accomplish anything, other than hanging mate in 1 in the middle of the board.
Game 8 Black decided to go for the big trade Nc3 opening and played for the draw. I was definitely playing for the win but I hung a rook to a bishop. Then it was just a draw with two pawns and a piece vs a rook.
I played badly mainly because I'm not a good player. Duh.

Astavakra 6-4 DanDan2016

I underestimated Astavakra. But also DanDan got tilted because he famously lost to variantbunny (rated <2000) in the AWC(Feelsbadman). Never get tilted and never play on mobile (or other unreliable devices)
Game 1 Symmetric center block, white should be better but missed the Nb4 invasion. Qxd8 would still hold the material balance but white castled and lost two exchanges. Rooks are much stronger in atomar, they can cut off kings. Instead of winning back one exchange, white further lost a pawn for no reason and resigned.
Game 2 Center block again, they played solid moves and after some moves, the white bishop got into black's position. Black missed Bd6 and white won a rook. Black tried desperately for a successful counterattack and won white's queen, and had a perpetual. Black didn't take the perpetual for no reason then got flagged, Lesson learned: never play for the win in time scramble, it's more like playing for a loss. This is probably the game that cost DanDan the match.
Game 3 White played Nc3 Nc6 e4. Material is still equal after the opening trades and in the endgame, black seemed a lot better; but white king somehow got active and scammed black's rook and bishop. The rest is trivial (for them).
Game 4 e4 h5 d4 g5, clearly this is somehow a legit opening. White won a pawn but black managed to get the pawn back by trading queens. Then they got into a complicated middlegame and traded into a rook vs knight+bishop endgame. White's king was closer to the pawns but black was able to get the king over to the kingside in time. Black won white's rook by a knight fork and drew by capturing both white pawns.
Game 5 White chose the slightly risky e4 Nc3 opening, allowing a black pin, but after the trade by Bb6, material is equal. Black chose not to win the exchange at the cost of a pawn and white successfully went up a piece in a rook endgame. White's knight defended the position successfully and white pushed the a-pawn to victory.
Game 6 Again g5 h5 but this opening rarely wins. White tried to sacrifice a bishop for a strong attack and black gave the queen away for no reason (DanDan said it was a glitch/misclick). Then the game was trivial (ended in a queen+rook+pawn mate) and DanDan was tilted.
Game 7 e4 Nc3 Na4 and a delayed center block is an interesting opening. Black was able to invade with a bishop and reached a much better middlegame and white allowed bishop take pawn exploding the rook. Then black was completely winning up two exchanges but in a time scramble, black got scammed by taking a pawn, exploding their own queen.
Game 8 Delayed center block again, black won a piece in the opening trades. They traded pieces into an unclear endgame where black was up a piece and could take white's last pawn into a BQ vs R endgame which might be drawn. but that's still better than what DanDan did -- hanging obvious mate in 1 for no reason. (probably a misclick).
Game 9 e4 Nc3 again, white sacrificed a piece for an attack and a far-advanced passed pawn. Black didn't settle for a pawn loss (f6) and lost more material instead, white knight hopped in for a smothered mate pattern (not really, just a queen and knight mate pattern).
Game 10 e4 Nf6 opening and DanDan again misclicked and gave away his queen for no reason. It's unfortunate but Astavakra was too good for DanDan to pull off another scam. Astavakra converted and took the match.

Stephenhello 1-4 QueenEatingDragon

A very weird match.
Game 1 White (QED) went for d4 Bg5 and gambit a pawn. Black rook then simply came in and won the queen. Black stopped white's a-pawn, but it's still dangerous until white allowed black to capture it at the cost of an exchange. It's still not easy with QB vs 2R, but black was definitely better. They exchanged into pawn endgame where black was up two pawns. Black only needed to pick up the h pawn and white couldn't do anything but black, too low on time, gave away the pawns and settled for a draw. I can understand because it's hard to win in time trouble, if you have a draw in time scramble, playing it is always fine.
Game 2 White went for d4 Nc3 and black simply allowed white to win material with Nb4. White did allow black to win back material, but at the end of the day, white was a rook and a piece up in the endgame. But black successfully scammed white in a time scramble by a pawn check. It's hard to see checks in time scrambles.
Game 3 They played Nc3 big trade opening, traded most pieces, and white forgot that king could capture pieces and gave away a free rook. Black should win easily but in a time scramble black blundered the king again with a rook up.
Game 4 Stephen is probably tilted now. He pushed d4 too early and allowed a bishop invasion, lost the queen. But he didn't give up, played the same trick (but black queen could have escaped). Black missed Ng4 winning material back and they traded into a pawn endgame. White king had better position but black king was in time to get back and get the well-known 2P vs K draw.
Game 5 White played d4, they traded pieces and pushed pawns. Black pushed on the kingside, won a pawn and was up two pieces despite having a white pawn at e7. In a time scramble, black blundered king again, possibly a mouseslip this time. Stephen got tilted and forfeited the match. I think if he didn't forfeit, it's possible to come back, as proved by my own match.

two64brocc 1-6 Wolfram_EP

Stream recording:
Game 1 In a d4 opening, they traded pieces and Wolfram (white) got his knight in. He didn't take the rook and ended up winning more material with a winning position. Cabbage flagged.
Game 2 They played e4 Nh6 Be2, traded pieces and turned into a center block opening. Black went for an attack with the knight and queen, and white flagged in an unclear position. It's so easy to get flagged on cv.t.
Game 3 They played symmetrical e4 Qg4 opening. These lines are known to be drawish. Nevertheless, they still reached an endgame where black's king and rook were more active, and black won the exchange by a knight fork. White activated the king and avoided the loss by using his bishop to defend both pawns. Black couldn't make progress.
Game 4 White played center block with two side knights, and got scammed by Ba3. White still had possible perpetual with the active queen and rook, but black sacrificed back a piece, pushed the passed pawn and forced into an endgame with a rook up. Black cut off white's king, promoted the a-pawn, and did the QvsK mate.
Game 5 White chose Nf3 Nc3 trade opening which is just a draw. Somehow black castled kingside and simply lost a pawn, entered a pawn endgame with a pawn down. White was able to stop black's queenside pawns and capture kingside pawns and ended up with 3 pawns to zero. Black resigned.
Game 6 In an e3 opening, black sacrificed a queen for two pieces and a pawn. Then they pushed pawns, traded everything and entered a Q vs NB endgame. A single queen doesn't do well in endgames, but black was in time trouble. Black got a new queen but white was able to scam a draw by repetition since black didn't have enough time to calculate whether QBP vs Q is a win (probably not).
Game 7 White played the kamikaze (Nf3 Nd4), but the classic Nh6 doesn't work anymore because Ng4 is no longer a mate. Black still won white queen for unknown reasons (white gave up the queen for bishop and pawn). Eventually black queen was dominated by white's pieces, white sacrificed two rooks to gain the queen with an easily winning endgame. Black resigned.

vlad_00 5.5-0.5 RoyalManiac

Vlad is already one of the strongest atomar player. He improved quickly.
Game 1 In a center block opening, they traded into an unclear endgame with queen vs rook+knight. Black's pieces were more active and white's two rooks couldn't move. But later in the game, Royal scammed with the two queenside pawns and made a draw in a queen + pawn vs queen endgame.
Game 2 French opening, white went for Qxh2 and pushed the h-pawn, black couldn't stop it and white queened. White took advantage of the queen and won all of black's pieces and black resigned.
Game 3 White played e4 Nc3 Qh5 but black defended properly and they both traded queen for pieces. The position was still kind of equal but white forgot about his hanging knight, and then the hanging king.
Game 4 White played d4, they played a very solid opening. Black pushed on the kingside and won a rook, but white pushed on the queenside and limited black's rooks, scammed black's queen. White queen invaded and black flagged.
Game 5 They traded all pieces in the Nf3 draw line. But in an equal pawn endgame, white didn't play c3 and lost.
Game 6 White played c4 and it's not that bad for white in atomar (really?) They traded a bit, white king got active and black was very passive. White won a rook and black hung a king in the next few moves.

lesha2002 5.5-2.5 Natso

Experience still wins. Natso needs more games.
Game 1 They played the Nc3 draw line, but after trading most of the pieces they kept some pieces for an interesting middlegame. Eventually black's pawn was pushed to h2 and white's rook was passive. White decided to sacrifice the rook but then it was easy for black, being up a rook and a knight.
Game 2 In a French defence line, white pushed the pawns and black's king was dangerous. White won an exchange and pushed the f-pawn through. Black queen was lost, white was completely winning but blundered a queen and a rook (KxR and KxQ also works and should be better) Then black was just up material, pushed pawns and won because white hung mate.
Game 3 This time they did trade all pieces except a bishop in Nc3 draw line. Black got the king active first and won two of white's pawns, but was not able to make progress as white sacrificed the bishop for a pawn and black couldn't defend the last pawn. White drew easily.
Game 4 White played the French, and in the opening white didn't have the advantage, losing a pawn. White played for the attack, won back some material. As a result white was down an exchange in an endgame but it was still probably a draw with R+P vs B, but White didn't save the bishop in time trouble. White took the bishop and went on to win with a queen.
Game 5 Again they played the Nc3 draw line, pushed the pawns and this time white king took two of black's pawns and black's queenside counterplay was stopped. White was able to queen a pawn and black resigned.
Game 6 They didn't change openings, black again went for the French and a positional setup. White lost a rook after black's knight invasion. Then white's position was hopeless and black won more material move by move, finally white hung mate in one.
Game 7 After Nc3 e4 opening, black sacrificed material for the attack and white's queen was awkward. They traded into an endgame where white's queen couldn't break the defence of black's pieces, and white's rook was trapped to defend a passed pawn. Eventually black was able to win white's queen and win by a tempo due to the position of his king.
Game 8 Positional French game again. Black queen got active in the middlegame and could have forced a perpetual. But black wanted more and played for the win, this time he really won. Black forced white to give up two rooks by a sneaky knight check.

Winner's Round 4

LearningVariants 5.5-4.5 luka3916

Probably the strongest match so far?
Game 1 e4 Nh6 was played, they traded into an endgame with equal material, white won a piece and won a pawn, it's an obvious win with two pawns far apart but white allowed black to win one pawn and get into the other one's square with a draw.
Game 2 White played e3 e6 Qh5 and black won a pawn. White won a piece but black had two more pawns. Black pushed them and white flagged.
Game 3 e4 Nh6 again, black traded into a queen vs rook+knight endgame -- actually, black won the bishop. White's queen is helpless against black's army and black won by a checkmate.
Game 4 White started with g4!! They still traded most pieces except that black gave away a free knight. Black won back the knight, tried hard to draw but couldn't win the last pawn -- or can he? Black took that defended pawn anyway in time trouble, and white premoved! Black saved a draw.
Game 5 e4 Nh6 again, black played d5 too early and allowed the "classic knight sac". Black lost a queen but won it back due to a pin. Then black scammed white's knight and in a complicated pawn endgame they drew at last.
Game 6 g4 again, this time white won a piece in the opening and black's active bishop was traded. White continued to trade, both side had advanced passed pawns but white attacked first and forced the sacrifice of black's rook, then white won black's pawn and was up a rook in an endgame. White converted by trading into Q vs K.
Game 7 White played the two knights with e4. Black allowed white's two knights come in but didn't have enough counterplay. After more trading, white was simply up a rook and a piece, finally white got the queen in and checkmated black.
Game 8 g4 again, black sacrificed two knights to make white's king move, and won a piece successfully. But white was still a piece up for 2 pawns, after some tradings, all black's kingside pawns were won, white was up a bishop. However, black was able to win white's queenside pawns as the bishop couldn't defend the back pawn. Draw.
Game 9 Nc3 e4 Nf3 again, they traded pieces and white sacrificed a piece to get the queen in, and took material on b7. Black decided to trade queen for rook and knight and entered an endgame two pawns down. Black king was more active and won one pawn back, then it was opposite colour bishops and totally drawn.
Game 10 e3 Qh5, black chose the Nf6 defence. They entered a complicated middlegame position, both queens were won and after dust settled, white was up a piece, but for 3 pawns. Pawns are nerfed in atomar though, white king was able to win pawns successfully. Black pushed a pawn through but white took all the other pawns to enter a possibly drawn 3 pawns vs queen endgame. In a drawn position, luka didn't play for the draw and got scammed by the classic zugzwang (Kc8 was the final mistake, Qxa7 still draws (white king on c7, Kd7; king on d7, Kc7; king on b-file, Kc7; king on e file, Kd7; king on c8, Kd8; king on d8, Kc8.) The final mistake cost luka the tiebreakers.

Crepuscular vs Astavakra

Astavakra was strong and solid, since I scammed Crep some times, I think Asta might be slightly better -- right now. But Crepuscular improved during the course of the match and this could be the case here as well. I'm thinking Crep can take this match after a tiebreaker. Prediction: 8-6

QueenEatingDragon vs Wolfram_EP

I get it, many people want QED to win, but I really don't see him improving that much in a short period of time. Wolfram should win this and avoid any upset chances. Prediction: 1.5-5.5

vlad_00 vs lesha2002

Hard one. In the last weeks vlad improved a lot, no longer blundered mates and beat Wolfram a few times. They already played quite some games and vlad won more, but it was close. Prediction: 5.5-4.5

Winner's Round 5

LearningVariants vs Crepuscular/Astavakra: At this point it's hard to predict. But Crepuscular are Astavakra are more solid and don't play strange openings, so probably they are slight favourites. Prediction: 3-6
Wolfram_EP vs vlad_00(?): This will be an interesting matchup. They are top atomar players and we look forward to this match possibly happening twice. Prediction: 7-5

Loser's Round 1

Forfeits. That's it. (F) -- forfeited.
dpalm (F) vs equanimity8
Kevinlel (F) vs cFlour
The_Knight_of_Spring vs neroccag (F)
Superprosper vs jnanor (F)
R2300 vs The_Troubled_Patzer (F)
cliriocors (F) vs Lavarider
Dartanian (F) vs Camisapricity
VariantsOnly (F) vs hellfira
lecw 2.5-1.5 (F) Nopuedeser See last blog.
IMakeManyMistakes vs thelongestday (F)
Hysterix (F) vs Opabinia
CalmWaters vs Ingvarlie (F)
FonsecaErnesto vs shepbox (F)
Cybershredder vs Sam_125 (F)
Puddingbirne vs mathwhiz16 (F)
Stephanie_s_Symphony 6-0 DualityGg Finally, the last round 1 match, was actually finished, but it was just a throw by fft.
Game 1 d4 opening transposed into French defence, but black (fft/DualityGg) lost a piece in the trades. Then black lost all pieces to the white king and got mated.
Game 2 Nc3 trade opening, they traded pieces, white won a pawn but black got the knight in and won the pawn back. In an equal endgame, black king was more active and captured all white pawns. White walked into mate in one after black queened.
Game 3 e4 Scandi, black allowed the knight to win material and created counterplay, but didn't have enough compensation. Black entered an endgame a rook and a piece down and resigned.
Game 4 Trade opening again but black lost more material. In the end black was able to go into an endgame with a rook and a bishop up with an easy win.
Game 5 The only interesting game, white played Na3 and won some material, but black had some counterplay with the queen close to white's king. White was a rook up in the endgame but black didn't take the perpetual and played for a loss instead. (Black gave the queen away)
Game 6 d4 symmetry, black was able to win some material since white didn't care any more. Black rook and bishop infiltrated and white got mated.

Loser's Round 2

equanimity8 (F) vs cFlour

The_Knight_of_Spring 5-1 superprosper

One of the huge shocks.
Game 1 White played d4, developed bishop but lost material due to bishop explosion. Black, with material up, didn't stop the white pawn properly and didn't take the perpetual, blundered the queen (and hung mate) for no reason (possibly misclick).
Game 2 Superprosper is probably tilted. White played Nh3 and black pushed all the pawns. White won a piece because black overextended. But white didn't come up with a proper plan and gave the pieces back, only leaving with some pawns which can be stopped. Then black was just up two pieces and won an endgame with a bishop and wrong colour rook pawn...?
Game 3 White chose the possibly losing opening again, after some threats and counter threats, black sacrificed material and was able to get the knight in, winning a rook, but white had two pieces for it. Black gave away the exchange to win the queenside pawns but they queened at the same time and the position was a dead draw.
Game 4 White went for the two side knights line of the center block, which is somewhat bad (not really). Black was able to survive the attack and emerge with a rook up. In a drawn pawn endgame, white played Kd5 for no reason and lost the pawns (Kg4 instead of e2 still draws). Black pushed the two pawns and forced zugzwang.
Game 5 White played d4 Nc6 b4 and black lost a piece for an attack. The attack didn't work, black was just up a piece. However, white scammed black by keeping the a-pawn for long enough and traded all the kingside pawns, black was unable to keep any pawn and ended up in a drawn 2N vs P endgame.
Game 6 White played Nf3 e4 and won an exchange in the opening trades by sacrificing a knight first. However, black got a protected passed pawn and the king got active, white lost a rook in the process. But white still got a passed pawn and black knight was not able to stop it. Then in a totally winning endgame, white got scammed by a king capture. It was still a draw but white couldn't even draw the 2P vs K endgame.

R2300 vs Lavarider

I assume Avi gets forfeited. But what if they actually play? Prediction: 0-6

Camisapricity 7-3 hellfira

Camisapricity is one of the stronger players in the loser's bracket and this is probably the strongest matchup in loser's round 2.
Game 1 White started with d4, allowing black to come in with the queen but still won material by knight capture. In an endgame a pawn up, black didn't defend correctly and hung mate.
Game 2 They started by a trading opening where most pieces were traded, and the resulting endgame was fairly equal. But in the pawn endgame, white managed to stop black's pawns and black couldn't stop white from queening, white won the Q vs P endgame (why does everyone know this)?
Game 3 Black gave the queen away for no reason in the opening. However, black opened up the queenside and scammed the white queen. In a rook endgame, white queened first because the black king was too far away.
Game 4 White again gave the queen for no reason. This time black converted more solidly and didn't allow white any counterplay.
Game 5 In a trade opening, black managed to use the knight and win a pawn. However, white's king was more active and more importantly black hung mate in 1.
Game 6 In the opening, white missed Ne4 and lost a lot of material. White had counterplay but after black sacrificed the queen back, black was a piece up. White continued to push but lost the rook to the bishop in a rook endgame. Black queened successfully. White resigned after hanging mate.
Game 7 Nf3 trade opening, they traded some pieces but left the queens on the board. Black won two pawns in trades and traded into a pawn endgame where black had 3 pawns, which was easily winning.
Game 8 After a center block opening, everything was still equal until white hung the corner rook. Then white was just down a rook for nothing and lost the endgame.
Game 9 They traded 2 knights in the opening, and traded all other stuff into a pawn endgame, which should be drawn. But white misplayed and allowed a black queen on the board, black didn't even take the perpetual or the win (by moving king to f7) and allowed white to queen and black lost by giving the queen away.
Game 10 White resigned.

lecw vs IMakeManyMistakes

Will they play? I assume IMMM is still tilted so I'm going to predict a win for lecw. Prediction: 6-3

Opabinia vs CalmWaters (F)

FonsecaErnesto vs Cybershredder

The real question is who will forfeit. Since CyberShredder is not a forfeit person, I think it's FonsecaErnesto who will forfeit. If they play, prediction: 6-4

Puddingbirne (F) 0.5-2.5 Stephanie_s_Symphony

Game 1 White played Na3 and Nc4, and black countered with pawn pushes, they made trades but black lost an exchange. In an endgame an exchange down, black flagged.
Game 2 They played the trade opening and traded into an equal endgame, both pawns promoted and ended up with a Q+P vs Q draw by perpetual.
Game 3 They played the center block and pushed all the pawns, eventually white tried to make threats with bishop and scammed black's knight. Black lost the queen the next move and resigned. Black probably got tilted and forfeited.

Loser's Round 3

DanDan2016 6-0 cFlour

Game 1 They played the Nc3 big trade and DanDan didn't get scammed this time, he captured the white pawns in time, scammed the white rook and won.
Game 2 Another Nc3 Nc6 but they didn't trade. White went in for the attack and it was hard to find good defensive moves. White won a piece and was still pushing the black king to the side, and black didn't respond to a check.
Game 3 Center block, white moved the bishop too early and black scammed a pawn. Black was able to win more material by the attack and forked the king and queen. White walked into check anyway.
Game 4 Center block again, white quickly traded the queen for RN+P. Black's queen soon got pinned but instead of winning the bishop, black played Qe2 and lost more material. In a pawn endgame, black was down two pawns and walked into check.
Game 5 Nc3 trade again, white sacrificed a knight for questionable compensation. Then white hung a rook and got into an endgame down a rook, and resigned.
Game 6 After a symmetrical trade opening, black traded most pieces but the position slowly and slowly favoured white. In the end white pushed the h-pawn and black didn't want to have the rook limited, so black allowed queening, which obviously lost the game. If I were black, I'd offer a draw before resigning.

Rightline3127 5.5-3.5 The_Knight_Of_Spring

Game 1 I played symmetrically as black and we traded into an endgame where I scammed white by capturing all the pawns. I mated with Q vs K.
Game 2 I played e4 and went for a Qxg7 scam. Black queen was helpless against my pieces and I was able to scam it, just before I took the queen my opponent resigned.
Game 3 White played d4, I played somewhat passively but was still able to trade most pieces and despite being down an exchange, I captured several white pawns and pushed by pawns to force a draw.
Game 4 Center block, I again played a little passively, but black overpushed, I delivered a queen check and won black's queen for free. Black resigned.
Game 5 Center block again, I was able to win some material and got an endgame position up a rook. However I couldn't convert it and allowed black to win my pawn with a draw.
Game 6 Center block, I pushed all the pawns in the opening but I thought too much. I was able to win black's queen but with little time on the clock I didn't find the winning plan and got flagged.
Game 7 Center block, we pushed pawns and traded most pieces. White was able to win a piece but I got my king active and captured all white's pawns for an easy draw.
Game 8 Never play e3 Ne2.
Game 9 I was a little tilted and in a center block opening I lost a piece. But then I scammed white's pieces by a rook capture. We traded into a rook endgame where my pawns were just advanced enough to force a QvsP win for me to claim the match.

Iubar vs R2300/Lavarider

Iubar should be able to win this. But scams are possible. Prediction: 6-2

fast-tsunami vs Camisapricity

Camisapricity is far from a weak player. They could cause trouble for fast-tsunami. But for now I'll still predict a fastie win, but a Camisapricity win is possible. Prediction: 5.5-3.5

Natso vs lecw (?)

Did Natso study atomar? I really don't know. So this will be hard to predict. I'll say Natso has a slight edge for now, but not a decisive one. Prediction: 5.5-4.5

RoyalManiac 5-7 Opabinia

The first tiebreaker?
Game 1 They traded all pieces into a bishop endgame where Royal (black)'s bishop got scammed. Then white won easily. The king capture is easy to miss.
Game 2 d4 h5 was played and white was up a rook and a piece after the opening trade. However, black scammed and white panicked and gave away the rook for no reason. Then white got flagged in the endgame.
Game 3 White got over confident and opened with h4, and this was punished by -- nothing. White won material in the opening and was up a piece in the endgame, and got flagged.
Game 4 Opa likes h4 and h5 a lot. e4 h5 this time and black won an exchange out of the opening; then black won more material and was up a rook in the endgame. Then black got counter-scammed by a king capture and they traded to a dead draw with R vs B+P.
Game 5 They traded pieces in the opening and material was equal, black sacrificed an exchange but didn't solve the problems. White king just came in and took all black's pawns, black was forced to trade into an endgame two rooks down, and lost to a ladder mate.
Game 6 They again traded in the opening, white sacrificed a knight so black was up a knight, but it was awkwardly placed. White king was able to capture black pawns and black knight was helpless against so many pawns. Black got flagged.
Game 7 The opening trade resulted in black being down two pawns for questionable compensation. But black won back a pawn and got the king active. White got king scammed again, this time lost his rook.
Game 8 White pushed in the center while black pushed side pawns. White decided to give up the queen for an attack but there was no attack, and after black captured everything white was just down material. In an endgame an exchange up, black pushed the pawn through but allowed white to sacrifice bishop for it, and white was just in time to Trade off black's last pawn for a book draw (R vs P). Black tried for a whole 122 moves to win but there were no wins.
Game 9 White and black played the symmetric trade opening again but white moved king first and was able to take the black bishop. Then white was just up a bishop and won easily.
Game 10 d4 opening. They traded some pieces, black settled for a queen for RNP trade but white's queen invaded and won material as well. White's two bishops were strong in the endgame and black walked into mate in 1.
Game 11 g4 opening but they still traded pieces. Black found a tactic and won a piece for a pawn but left the knight hanging after some moves. Then white was just up a pawn and pushed through. The endgame was still not easy to win but white successfully blocked black's pawns and won the Q vs K endgame.
Game 12 In a d4 e4 opening, black chose Nf6. White didn't take that knight in time, allowing it to win material. Then white lost more material was just down two rooks for nothing. Black checkmated white easily. The first tiebreaker winner is Opabinia.

two64brocc vs FonsecaErnesto/CyberShredder

If cabbage studies more, (even with his strength now), he can win this easily, or get a forfeit. Prediction: 6-0

Stephenhello vs Stephanie_s_Symphony

Same for Stephenhello. However, stephenhello is less consistent and blunders the king sometimes. So no 6-0. Prediction: 6-3

Loser's Round 4

DanDan2016 vs Rightline3127: I want to say I won't get 6-0ed. I will ask for a draw like RKQ's advice even if I get 6-0ed, because that just feels better. Prediction: 5.5-0.5
Iubar vs fast-tsunami(?): If fast-tsunami untilted himself and found the form back, he can still win this. Prediction: 2.5-5.5
Natso(/lecw) vs Opabinia: Opabinia is strong and will probably make an engine or something, then Natso (or lecw) will have no chance. Prediction: 4-6
two64brocc vs stephenhello: Stephenhello is a little inconsistent, this will be a problem when he faces cabbage who took games from Wolfram. Prediction: 6-1

Loser's Round 5

DanDan2016 vs QueenEatingDragon(?): Can QED improve quickly enough? DanDan could get tilted for a game or two, but no more than that. Prediction: 5.5-1.5
fast-tsunami vs lesha2002/vlad_00: Lesha2002 is more familiar with the game (same with vlad). This will be difficult for fast-tsunami. Prediction: 5.5-6.5
Luka3916 vs Opabinia: Similarly, Luka3916 is more familiar with atomar, and Opabinia could easily get scammed. Prediction: 5.5-3.5
Astavakra(/Crepuscular) vs two64brocc: Cabbage's chess skills can probably help him in this match. I'm predicting an upset. Prediction: 4-6

Thank you for reading and supporting atomar!