Solving the Social Chess Problem

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Solving the problem of playing chess from Discord

Introduction: What is the Social Chess Problem?

A social chess problem occurs when you seek a chess game from social media platform, Specifically, on Discord, many users are seeking a chess game from fellow members on the Discord Servers. The problem arises when you are looking for a quick game but have to figure out the opponent's Lichess username, the game's time-control, the game mode: rated/casual and the most important: SOMEONE TO PLAY CHESS WITH!

How Often does the Problem Occur?

This is very common in Chess based Discord servers where users are constantly trying to get a quick game from Discord, play the game and analysis the game together on Discord.

Why Only Discord?

Discord has many Chess-based Discord servers, with the intention to learn and play while having conversations about Chess on a popular chat platform. Discord has become the powerhouse of Chess communities.


The classic solution is to paste the link and hope you get a game, but there is an efficient way to generate a chess game link in Discord itself, by using /play

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Yes LISEBOT also supports API it fetches their puzzle endpoint to view random puzzles!

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