Paul Morphy's 5 Most brilliant chess moves

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Paul Morphy was one of the strongest chess players in 19th century and he was a master of chess tactics!

In this blog I will show you Morphy's brilliant and famous chess moves!
And Morphy was famous because he was able to checkmate opponent's king in under 30 moves! His favorite openings were King's gambit, Giuoco piano and Dutch defense because they are very tricky and aggressive!
And now let's begin watching Morphy's great chess moves!
Game 1 : Morphy vs Paulsen
And here Morphy made a crazy queen sacrifice, Qxf3 which is very famous now and after it black has a very strong attack! After 18.gxf3 Rg6 19.Kh1 Bh6 20.Rd1 Morphy already had winning position and had forced checkmate in 6! But he didn't find that but still won some material and Paulsen resigned!
Game 2 : Morphy vs Duke Carl
This game is famous by Morphy's queen sacrifice! 16.Qb8 Nxb8 and 17.Rd8 checkmate! Very beautiful checkmate in 2 and this is the most famous chess game every and it was showed in "The Queen's Gambit" Beth Harmon won with this tactics!
Game 3 : Bird vs Morphy
This game is famous because it has already 2 sacrifices - rook sacrifice and queen sacrifice! Morphy made a move 17.Rxf2 to make another brilliant move 18.Qa3 later! After Qa2 white can't take the queen because of Bxa3 checkmate and now black starts very strong attack if white doesn't take the queen!
Game 4 : Marache vs Morphy
Also in this game Morphy made a great move Ng3 and white queen is hanging and that's why Marache decided to not take the knight but that is even bigger mistake because now Morphy checkmated him with Nde2!
Game 5 : Morphy vs Meek
Here Morphy made Nd5 move here to create open file for the rook to attack black's king! Also a very great move!
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