My games vs famous chess streamers (Zhigalko, Rosen, Agadmator and others!)

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A lot of people want to meet some favorite streamers or youtubers on the chessboard and it would be a great pleasure to beat them! I managed! :)

#1 Agadmator
GOAT of chess youtube , former world number 1 by amount of subscribers, now number 2.
I played this game during lesson at school and it was great to meet him on the chess board!
#2 Kingscrusher
Very strong CM who can win a lot of strong arenas, has more than 100 000 subs on youtube!
There is a whole blog about this game, I recommend you to read it!
#3 Eric Rosen.
More than 500 000 subscribers on youtube, very friendly guy and I managed to play vs him!
This game was played in bullet marathon and the quality wasn't great, shame on me for not zerking back and playing so bad but at 1am it is impossible to play good chess! I apologize, dear Eric!
#4 Andras Toth
Often commentates on chess24, has more than 10k subscribers on youtube, author of many Chessable courses. And we played an interesting rapid game.
#5 Sergei Zhigalko
One of the strongest GMs on lichess, he crushes all the arenas and masters! Also super friendly man who has 50 000 followers on lichess and 25 000 on youtube and is happy to see you on his stream! Often replies in private messages even! For sure Sergei is much stronger than me and I didn't have real chances, especially in hyperbullet game but I tried to fight a bit at least! There will be less comments because it is not an important game honestly!
#6 ChessNetwork
He is close to 500 000! Very famous guy on the chess youtube!
We played in the bullet marathon, want to remind that we were sleepy and the quality of the game wasn't great!