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Stockfish vs Leela - TCEC Season 23, Game 46 - 2022

Hi all

My Reddit chess post yesterday about a game that seemed a bit Tal-like has so far gathered over 600 Reddit thumbs up - which is higher than my usual post to Reddit chess. It seems others seemed to like the game I highlighted. A lot of Reddit chess members clearly have taste and likes games with attacking and sacrificial drama - not just empty Chess drama for drama's sake which I felt tortured by for several weeks while trying to analyse great attacking games in chess history. Humanity has hope. We need to work together to fight climate change, etc. But there seems to be hope if we can agree on "cool chess games". Let's check it out here in this blog post :)

I have analyzed an amazing game today which has this position early in the opening:

Are knights on the rim that dim?

The Knights spring back with a vengeance leading to this sacrifice:

The bishops seem to be in full power mode here with the criss-cross

f4 piles the pressure and introduces dangers like Qh5+ later

White wins material back with an advantage in the endgame:

Final position

Video annotation

A big thank you to TCEC organisers

Many thanks to TCEC - check the current superfinal between Stockfish and Leela here:

Check move time stamps etc of game 45 here

I have been a regular in the chat there on and off and support TCEC with regular donations as I do with lichess. These are great chess resources along with the perpetual podcast which also I support.

Key takeaway points

  • Black seemed a bit greedy with Qxd4
  • Ng6 was a very interesting piece sacrifice
  • The Black King in the center led to black having to give back material
  • The simplified positions seemed completely winning for White after the initial tactical storms
  • Engine chess is a lot of fun! - Like the Sci-fi of chess games :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog :). Any likes and follows are really appreciated. Also, I also have some interesting chess courses at to check out.

Cheers, K