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Amazing King walks

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Chess has so many beautiful exceptions to the rule - one being the King needs to be kept safe

Hi all

There are some remarkable King walks that can be found in chess history and culture. One of the best in my view is Nigel Short's immortal King Walk in this game which is a must see-game in my view.

Question: White to play - What would you consider here?

The plan is becoming more evident

Final position

A beautiful point at the end - if Bxd7 then Kh6 and Black cannot prevent Qg7 mate

Video annotation

Key takeaway points

  • In this example, the King is walking actually a safe route. We can do a lot of things in chess that seemingly "break the rules". But if our plan's downsides are not exploitable, then consider the outrageous plan :)
  • In the Nigel Short example, there were dark square weaknesses to exploit - and the King really helped out to exploit them
  • Exploitability is a key concept to bear in mind on the road of chess improvement - if outrageous moves and plans are not exploitable from the opponent - even seemingly risky King walks, then sometimes they might be the right plan to choose.
  • The Nigel Short King walk is apparently being used as a chess engine test to see if they can find it :)

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