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How to make a BOT

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If you wish to make your own bot in Lichess, see this blog post! No installations required.

Maybe many people know this, but others not! With this blog you can learn how to make a BOT.

Steps for making it

  • 1. Create a new account. You can use other mail, if you have.
  • 2. Don't play games!
  • 3. Go to EasyChess, and if it's not available the site, you can go to EasyChess Reserve.
  • 4. Click on Login
  • 5. Press "Login with lichess-bot".
  • 6. Authorize the account.
  • 7. The account should have the BOT title now.

How to make your bot play

If you want to make your bot play alone, when you're playing a game, keep EasyChess tab open.
I'm currently making a BOT (it doesn't has the BOT title because I'm in school computer), but it's called APychessPlayerBOT