#10 - Road to 2400: - Remaining undefeated in the Danish Championship

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Today ended the 2023/2024 Danish first division team championship.

Both days I contributed with two "uneventful" draws to help the team avoid the danger zone of relegation. We secured this on Saturday with a remarkable 4-4 draw against the champion team, and on Sunday we confirmed it with a victory, securing the 6th place in the 10-team championship.

I concluded my first Danish team championship with a undefeated record of 1 win and 3 draws in 4 games (playing as black thrice) representing the prestigious Køge club. There have been a few Hungarian players with a bit more renown who passed through the club, but even if not for anything else, I proved to be quite a good luck charm, as whenever I played, except for that one draw, the team always won. happy.png

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