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Tristan Masters

Hello! My name is Tristan and I'm a competitive chess player from Ontario, Canada. I love playing long, casual games and working on improving my skills. I'm a native d4 player, so d4-c4-Nf3-g3 type setups are usually what I go for. However, I do dabble in e4 occasionally, mostly playing open Sicilians and Scotch games. My favourite opening is the Queen's Gambit.

FIDE rating: 1404
Ontario, Canada

Member since 15-Jun-2016


Game completion rate: 100%

Time spent playing: 6 days, 4 hours and 58 minutes

Chess Insights Analytics from Dazzles's games

2 wins
Solved 2 tactical puzzles 214422
Completed 1 correspondence game 183610 1 loss

Completed 1 correspondence game 18859 1 loss

16 wins4 losses
Solved 20 tactical puzzles 2122120
23 wins1 draw10 losses
Played 34 Bullet games 147261
1 win3 losses
Played 4 Blitz games
1 draw
Played 1 Rapid game
Completed 1 correspondence game 18959 1 win

4 losses
Played 4 Bullet games 141140
2 wins1 loss
Played 3 Blitz games 151316
1 win
Played 1 Classical game 154913
Played 5 moves in 1 correspondence game(s)

4 wins2 losses
Solved 6 tactical puzzles 200217
2 wins1 loss
Played 3 Blitz games 149710
2 wins
Played 2 Bullet games 145121

2 wins1 loss
Solved 3 tactical puzzles 198513
1 win1 loss
Played 2 Blitz games 14875
1 win
Played 1 Classical game 15369
Completed 2 correspondence games 18584 2 losses