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Wesley So’s brilliant tactical idea

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18...e4 is not best by test

Featured is a round 7 game from the 44th Chess Olympiad held in Chennai, India between USA's Wesley So and Armenia's Hrant Melkumyan. The opening is Caro-Kann Defense, Two Knights Attack. About half the game is quiet development and maneuvering, however play sharpens immediately after Melkumyan's 17....e5. What follows is a brilliant tactical idea by Wesley So that can easily remind the chess enthusiast of old school romantic style combinations. Are king walks ever not enjoyable?

Wesley So vs Hrant Melkumyan | 44th Chess Olympiad, Round 7

Below are 3 positions I draw attention to in the video

Question 1 of 3: Why is it not a good idea to capture on d5?

Question 2 of 3: What is black's best reply to Bh6?

Question 3 of 3: How would white reply if his rook was captured?

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