Image of Magnus Carlsen courtesy of Niki Riga

Magnus Carlsen plays bullet chess for 1 Bitcoin (~$49,000) [Part 1 of 2]

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A big prize draws big bullet players

In this video I observe the games of 5-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen (DrChampionstein) who competed in the bullet tournament "Agadmator CakeDeFi Christmas Arena". This 2-hour event of 2-minute bullet chess includes the very best bullet players in the world, namely Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Andrew Tang, Daniel Naroditsky, and many more. The tournament was so big it crashed the lichess site. It will be resumed on another day with the same scores, and the same remaining time (~1 hour 15 minutes).

Below the video I have highlighted 3 tactical misses by 3 of Carlsen's opponents.

VinkelPernik vs DrChampionstein - White to play and draw

Hint: Far advanced passed pawns are dangerous.

DrChampionstein vs MahammadMuradli2003 - Black to play and win

Hint: The pawn on h6 plays an important role.

Vladimirovich9000 vs DrChampionstein - White to play and obtain a strong advantage

Hint: 1 knight is tricky, and 2 can be double trouble.

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