OUCC 2022 - 7th to 14th February - Bebras Follow on Round

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Some info about the Bebras Follow on Round ( OUCC ) - Is your school doing it?

A quick overview of the OUCC competition. - Official Website - Competition Hosting Platform ( also where qualification rd was )

2022 Dates: First round 7th - 11th February. Finals 15th March

DifficultyCorrectIncorrect or UnansweredApproximate time needed
A (five tasks)+4 points0 points2 minutes
B (five tasks)+6 points0 points5 minutes
C (two tasks)+8 points0 points15 minutes

( Question overview )

Four age categories: Elite, Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors

Time allowed: 1hour
Aim: To solve as many problems as possible in the time allowed.

( the bottom ages 2 are all block coding, the rest are a mix of normal code and blocks ) - Old challenges for prep

I might do some on my youtube channel!

Good luck if you are participating!!