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Sad Pianist by Ibbetson,

Chessvis - a different Chess App

Chessvis - a different and outstanding Chess App

One chess training app that stands out from the rest is Chessvis by Henry Feldman. The whole thing is not only available as an app for iOS and Android, but also online on the Internet. It is a bit like a swiss army knife in its multitude of tools and options. And they get more and more all the time, the developer is quite active.

Visualized Puzzles

This tool has got a unique backwards feature to improve your imagination skills. The program presents a tactics or mate problem, but shows the diagram a number of moves before the actual puzzle sequence begins.
You can select this number between one half-move and 10 full moves.
And it shows the moves leading to the position textually below the board. You have to visualize them and then solve the problem from a position that exists only in your mind. I love this feature and use it regularly.

Chessvis with a visualition puzzle

More Tools and Features

Category and Rating Control

Chessvis lets you set the category and rating of the puzzles. If you want to try easy forks one day and hard multiple move mates the next, you just can do it. You’ll never be forced to only do puzzles around your rating or 300 or 600 points below or above that rating. The entire puzzle collection (which is drawn from Lichess) is always available for you.
I love this, too - often doing just forks or pins, starting at a relatively low rating like 900 and working my way up until 2300. So I get to see puzzles of all relevant complexities. (Even puzzles rated 900 can be challenging if you put some full moves to visualize before them.)

Follow the moves

Follow a series of moves in writing and then update the board to that point. Follow a game from the beginning, from a random point within a game, or specify the number and type of pieces you want to follow. Again, this is about building visualization skills.

Who covers whom

An interesting exercise to mentally follow the movements of the pieces and their interaction.

Memorize board

Look at and memorize a position and then recreate it. Not easy, but you can indicate the number of pieces. Again, the idea is to build up the memory muscle.

Even More Tools and Features

More stuff is available in this amazing app, which I did not ever use: an opening explorer, game analysis, blindfold chess, verbal chess....


  • The app is ad-free and pay-free for many relevant parts of it. I only use the free version and am happy with it.
  • For access to some parts, you have to pay from $60 for all-time to $2.99 for a month.
  • Currently available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Czech, Italian, Hebrew and Portuguese.
  • For all training tools there are many options to set the difficulty.
  • You can register and log in, but you don't have to. As far as I have seen, everything works without registering. For example, the app remembers the options without you being registered.

Visit Chessvis Homepage here.

I'm an adult chess improver, also a chess coach for players below a Lichess-Rapid-Rating of 1750 for very reasonable rates. 7 Euro/h. English or German.