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Lichess 2024 Half-year UpdateLichess

Lichess 2024 Half-Year Update

GM Avetik_ChessMood

Colorado Gambit | The Refutation

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Can You Find the Mate in 4 That Smyslov Missed?

Your donations and support have allowed us to do many awesome things this half-year that we hope you enjoy! We will continue to work hard to give you the best free, libre, and open-source chess experience. Read our half-year update blog to see how we have changed for the better.

Congratulations to IM Manitodeplomo Fan Club for winning the Streamers Battle July 2024! Congrats also to IM YOSEPH AND FRIENDS for taking 2nd place, SergeyVoronChess NEW for coming in 3rd place and Zhigalko_Sergei & Friends for 4th place. Thanks to all participating streamers and 1,650 registered players!

Streamers and their communities, get ready for the Streamers Battle July 2024 with prizes for streamers whose teams finish in the top 4, starting in 3 hours!

Congrats @MrCrusher on winning the Lichess Game of the Month June 2024! Thank you for all your countless submissions!

GM Fabiano Caruana won the SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia, just 9 days after taking 1st place in the Superbet Romania Chess Classic. His strong performance with 7.5/9 in the Rapid section secured him the victory ahead of tied GMs Alireza Firouzja, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Wesley So.

Congratulations to GM Benjamin Bok for winning our Chess960 Titled Arena July 2024! Runner-up IM Vahe Danielyan was only 2 points behind and GM Matthias Blübaum finished in 3rd place.

Our Chess960 3+2 Warm-up Arena starts in just 3 hours! You will have the chance to play against some of the titled players before they enter the Chess960 Titled Arena!