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  1. This Is My Best Game Awesome64 @HemaWorst said in #5: > That ain't a misclick, I also have a game wiโ€ฆ
  2. Most ranking points wasted daiโ€ฆ Chess_wizard_123 100 i went from 1950 to 1840 lol
  3. Most ranking points wasted daiโ€ฆ Efethe lost like 80 last week felt like trash, but gained them all back so alโ€ฆ
  4. Most ranking points wasted daiโ€ฆ Eddyj98 104, last tuesday. I actually Lost 40+ more the following day. I mightโ€ฆ
  5. Getting better in Bullet SohaibTheAffliction No guys i know your point but i said win agains weak players at first โ€ฆ
  6. How do you make chess "octopusโ€ฆ hopechesscl When you create a study and make a new chapter in analysis mode selectโ€ฆ
  7. Chess Apps Kaashvi12345 and lichess (not sure for
  8. How do you make chess "octopusโ€ฆ Kaashvi12345 The title
  9. Nepomniatchi's Scotch nonmasterchesser Scotch is way better than Ruy Lopez. As Ruy Lopez is heavy analyzed alโ€ฆ
  10. Getting better in Bullet Firegoat7 @SohaibTheAffliction said in #1: > Should i close this account and opโ€ฆ

Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi: FIDE World Championship Round 7

LESSONS: My First Master

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World Chess Championship 2021 Game 6 || Longest ever World Chess Champ. game