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  1. How chess pieces prepare thems… parivel super, very nice work.
  2. ussual mistakes Srikara12 sorry by mistake please ignore
  3. Follow Back Thread Bonifides All lichess players lets be friends and we follow back as well :)
  4. New game Sap-sa-de It would be awesome for to make the chopper-stakes game. …
  5. ussual mistakes Srikara12 even though you are going to win you may lose
  6. I don't want to see an audience Yaroslav_Soldatov Hi! Periodically, my game is watched by the audience. Especially when…
  7. Fabiano Caruana: Genius Rook L… tpr There are several move repetitions in this game, presumably to gain ti…
  8. Fabiano Caruana: Genius Rook L… TrueShogiPlayer In this kind of positions, it is very typical to do a rook lift and at…
  9. Fabiano Caruana: Genius Rook L… Donaldsen Very nice attacking game from Ca…
  10. d4 is boring and positional? P… TrueShogiPlayer If you will work hard, you will improve.