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  1. What is "horsey reaction"? verheijrene2 It originates from April fools. I suspect it conveys confusion. Or at …
  2. Hi! How I can modify a link to… dragunovartem99 Hello dear lichess wizards! I need a tip from programmers. I want t…
  3. Bug report. Pablo-No If you haven't you should report the issue on
  4. Bug report. Bob1949 I use Google Chrome for everything except I have to use Safari if I wa…
  5. What is "horsey reaction"? Juhani607 Me neather. What does it mean..
  6. What is "horsey reaction"? drmrboss I dont understand this reaction!!
  7. Add Hyperbullet to ‚Quick Pair… R3-D3 Why is there 30+20 Classical, but no 1/2+0 or even 1/4+0???
  8. 1000 signs that you are a ches… sing_2010 Write anything, that's true and funny! And one more thing: PLEASE n…
  9. Insane fun quli P.S I am the one dancing with my king
  10. Insane fun quli I was playing bullet just for fun and I wanted to have fun so I had fu…