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  1. Would you resign if your oppon… Tae7 I’m having a lot of success with the bongcloud but it seems to upset s…
  2. Win against 2100 neuttforch A good game. Many inaccuracies for being 2100. Maybe he was tired
  3. what did i do! i was fooling a… Rookie_Balboa Ehhhh, GG. You were so close beating Stockfish Lvl 1!!!! Next time it …
  4. Flagged MSAtlas @pUrpLegReeNniNga It's where my IP address is banned so future account…
  5. How many games have you got on… RitaK @pUrpLegReeNniNga Wow! Fantastic!👏🏻💪🏻
  6. Flagged pUrpLegReeNniNga What is IP banned?
  7. Book about Tactics or Position… NM MrPushwood Other books along these lines include: Battle of Chess Ideas (Antho…
  8. Flagged MSAtlas @pUrpLegReeNniNga is there a way I can check if I am IP banned?
  9. How many games have you got on… RitaK @zhiyuang very good! It is quite big number!
  10. Flagged pUrpLegReeNniNga Close both and make a new account