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  1. Bishop sacrifice for mate !! neqqqosa Apparently 7. Bxf7+ was a blunder …
  2. sicillian dragon Popaxter Sac sac mate!
  3. Beat a 1596 to start the day 😄 SpeiseQuark Congratulations!!!
  4. Disability yakimasov I got nothing from this thread?
  5. Level 1 Stockfish PrimalPotatoMine Do you ever laugh at how you have a rook right out in the open but lev…
  6. Bots Beginner_IM Me and my friends have had a long fight on this topic already. htt…
  7. Beat a 1596 to start the day 😄 neuttforch this is not impressive
  8. Playing in a Tournament with c… Popaxter Milo try using a wheelchair! 😂
  9. what do you want AsianShemale 2 rooks are slightly better than a queen if they are well coordinated,…
  10. Disability Popaxter The truth hurts ! Benfinegold