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  2. Broken URL xXJrHoLLoWeDXx When I try to go to it gives me a blank screen. …
  3. Deleting chess teams chrst53650 "The people of people" horrible name i must admit.
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  6. Crazyhouse Links TheFinnisher Useful resources for crazyhouse fans. Highly recommended.
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  14. Introduction Of Under 1000 Tou… njuguna Hi if possible kindly introduce this tournament thanks would love to s…
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  16. French Defense, Terrasch Varia… Ambalal Yes
  17. French Defense, Terrasch Varia… Ambalal Yes, I will.
  18. French Defense, Terrasch Varia… jaaaaaaaaake Hey guys, I'm learning the Terrasch Variation against the French, …
  19. Deleting chess teams bufferunderrun What is the team's name you want to delete?
  20. Deleting chess teams chrst53650 Teams where people gather to play tournam…
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Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!

7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete

Use the world's first free 7-piece tablebase on Lichess!